The best contemporary art piece in Woodinville, so far this year, is this Jiffy Lube sign.

For weeks I'd been driving past this sign down one of the main roads in Woodinville. Driving past it for the 1,325th time, I decided to stop and take a photo of it to study it a bit more and then it all became clear on why the sign was so intriguing.

Contemporary art piece in Woodinville, WA. 2018.

This marquee sign could be in almost any contemporary art gallery and be very relevant, especially given the current political climate. When I started to dissect not only the words, but how they had started to crumble down over the weeks (months?) of being up there, it was so interesting how it echoed.

The words "SAVE A FEW" at the top are perfectly intact and in their place supporting the idea of capitalism and capturing the viewers attention instantly.

"PRESIDENT$" is a bit in disarray and starting to come apart while also utilizing a "$" for the "S", supporting the idea of capitalism while also reflecting the current state of our U.S. administration.

The word "OIL" is also perfectly in place, symbolizing our country's heavy dependence on the energy source.

The word "CHANGE" is in a complete crumbled state, almost unreadable and perhaps mirroring back to the viewer that "change" may certainly not be happening in the U.S. any time soon.

When I drove back to see if I could catch the sign again two days later, it had been changed.

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