I'm already mourning next summer when I won't be able to read City Arts in the sun.

During the summer, while stopping at the library to drop off books, I'd pick up the latest City Arts. Then, I'd come home, throw on some jorts, grab this old toddler stool we have and go sit out in the sun in the front yard with a cup of coffee and read about all the coolest art things happening around Seattle.  One of the bestest things about the magazine was discovering the humor of Brett Hamil, whom I started to follow on social media and learned we had a lot in common - even politically. 

My favorite cover. City Arts February 2018 featuring Bri aka "the Hoodwitch".

There was always a certain comfort knowing that anyone could go and pick up the latest issue (at no cost) and go through the portal of the arts scene in Seattle. Anyone. And it will be gone and now, I'm thinking of how I was always appreciative of this paper-flavored treat at my local library, but also maybe I/we didn't do enough as part of the art community to save it.  

You will be missed City Arts. Click here to read their full statement.

Funding needs to happen for the arts, whether it's for art centers, museums, arts-filled newspapers and magazines. It needs to happen. And without the publications sending out the signals, art becomes less accessible and assists the idea that it's "for the rich". 

Art will save us. 

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