We went to BAM's "Glasstastic" Preview Party and it was fantastic!

Last Thursday evening I felt the need for tequila prior to going to Bellevue Arts Museum's lovely party.  Mainly because of this and this with some of this.  I'm pretty sure I wasn't alone - the bar was packed, but that may have been for different reasons. 

After meeting up with Jacqui and Sherri, we walked through the chilly night, across the street to BAM's Preview Party where we saw some cool art.  

There was a DJ spinning and a bar, complete with a food truck if the munchies were calling you. 

Artwork by Carrie Iverson. 

I'll let Carrie describe her artwork. (Such a relevant work of art!) 

Artwork by Carrie Iverson.

One of my favorite exhibitions at BAM right now is a lovely collection of (mostly) vintage and modern Polaroids

Polaroids.  Photographers unknown.

We even ran into Sean Carleton(!)  

I almost didn't make it to the event, but so glad I did. And I'm planning to attend more BAM events...

BAM! Glasstastic on view until April 14, 2019.

Polaroids: Personal, Private, Painterly - Photographs from the Collection of Robert E. Jackson on view until March 24, 2019.

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